Training America – One Shooter at a Time

William “Jody” Power is a fourteen-year certified Law Enforcement Officer with experience in:

  • Training
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Uniform Patrol and Corrections

He is currently employed with the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office in Canton, Georgia as a Sergeant in the Training Division and holds the position of Field Training and Evaluation Program (FTEP) Coordinator.  Jody is a graduate of Bill Roger’s Shooting School and an active member of IALEFI and is a

  • State certified General Instructor
  • Firearms Instructor
  • Patrol Rifle Instructor
  • Simunition Scenario Instructor
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations (E.V.O.C.) Instructor
  • Defensive Tactics Instructor

He is a certified Glock Armorer and Colt Rifle Armorer and holds other certifications in the area of:

  • Non-lethal Pepperball Instructor
  • Use of Force Instructor
  • Court Services Response Tactics

Jody is also a Certified Field Training Officer through the State of Georgia and holds certifications for the use of:

  • Chemical Munitions
  • Less Lethal Munitions
  • Flash Bang Munitions through Combined Tactical Systems

Other training courses that have been attended include:

  • Advanced Firearms Training
  • Extreme Officer Survival
  • Numerous other firearms related courses

Jody also routinely participates in the sport of Practical shooting through IPSC, USPSA, GSSF, and Steel Challenge Events.