Training America – One Shooter at a Time

Jeff has been in Law Enforcement for over 20 years and retired from St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana in 2002.

Prior to retiring, he was on the Sheriff’s SWAT Team where he served as Team Leader for the last two years.  He was a Sergeant on Criminal Patrol before transferring to the Sheriff’s Office Training Division.  Jeff obtained numerous instructor certifications while maintaining his role as SWAT Team Leader.  Some of the certifications include:

  • Louisiana POST Certified Firearms Instructor
  • Defensive Tactics Instructor
  • Emergency Vehicle Driving Instructor

In March 2002, Jeff took a position with the Department of Homeland Security and now lives in the Atlanta Georgia area.  While in the Atlanta area Jeff has trained numerous Local, State, and Federal Agencies with an emphasis on combat related issues.

Currently, he is employed by the US Government where he is certified as a:

  • Federal Firearms Instructor
  • Defensive Measures Instructor
  • Lead Instructor in Tactics

Jeff has had extensive handgun, shotgun, and tactical rifle training from several courses throughout the country.  He has trained, or trained with, several personnel from specialized military units such as:

  • Delta
  • US Army Rangers
  • US Navy SEALs

Jeff is certified as a Personal Trainer with the International Fitness Association and a Law Enforcement Fitness Coordinator through the Cooper Institute.

His physical fitness training consists of weightlifting, “cross-fit” exercising, and martial arts (Muay Thai).