Training America – One Shooter at a Time

Military Service:

  • United States Marine Corps 1986-2000
  • United States Navy 2001-present

Numerous combat deployments to include deployments as:

  • Force Reconnaissance Marine
  • Primary EOD Technician with SEAL Teams Five and Seven
  • Attached to an EOD Team assigned to an IED Response Task Force

Worked with multiple military units and LE agencies such as:

  • Naval Special Warfare SEAL Teams
  • Army Special Forces
  • Operational Detachment Delta
  • Army Ranger Battalions
  • USAF Pararescue and Combat Control Teams
  • USMC Surveillance and Target Acquisition Platoons
  • Los Angeles Police Department SWAT
  • San Diego Sheriffs Department SWAT and Bomb Squad
  • Atlanta Police Department SWAT


Training, Certifications, and Designations:

  • Air Operations Quality Assurance Inspector
  • CAST Master
  • CQB Instructor
  • Combatant Diver/Swimmer
  • Demolition and Explosive Techniques Instructor
  • Designated Marksman
  • EOD Instructor (NAVSCOLEOD, Eglin AFB)
  • EOD Technician
  • Force Reconnaissance Marine
  • HRST Master
  • HRST Master Instructor
  • Jungle Warfare Instructor (NTA, Okinawa, Japan)
  • Military Freefall Jumpmaster
  • Navy/Marine Corps Advanced Parachutist
  • SCUBA Diving Supervisor
  • Special Operations Rigger
  • Static Line Jumpmaster


Numerous shooting schools including:

  • USMC Force Recon Shooting Package
  • Naval Special Warfare Shooting Package
  • Mid South Institute
  • Procinctu Group
  • Various other schools​